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stupid is as stupid does。 ([personal profile] jaebeom) wrote2009-05-16 11:23 pm
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i'm not even sure what i am doing with this journal yet.
one day, i will. i'm sure.
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so uh. i can't send a pm back to you b/c you've got it set to where you can't receive them. so here is my reply to the one you just sent. :|

"unless you've got the wrong lastfm on there, i do~ :) this is jamie, btw. since i don't have my lj on my dw anywhere.."
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ksjdf cries well, i updated my interests and used "my name is minho" and whenever more than one person uses an interest, it shows up as a link and you can see who else uses it? so i was being a creeper, basically, and accidentally found you. :||
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umm! d'you want a flex squares layout from lj? cos that one, you'll have to create a cust. layout layer for, and then you just customize it like on lj, after you make that.
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[personal profile] koreans 2009-05-17 05:48 am (UTC)(link)
you shouldn't be! dw gave free users advanced customization back a few weeks ago. the place where you get the codes for the layer gives you step-by-step instructions, so it's not that hard to do, either.
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http://xiahtic.livejournal.com/301550.html i gave the smooth sailing link, too, but you can't use it b/c you have to choose page set-up with ss, and dw doesn't have that yet. but the flex squares works just fine! :D and if you have any troubles, you can scope the comments or just ask me :))
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that might be a good idea, yes :x